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eCommerce Strategy

My extensive eCommerce experience spans merchandising, marketing, product development and site operations. I help companies of all sizes define their online presence and maximize results through strategic execution.
Specialties: Merchandising, Marketing, Customer Journey, Navigation, Site Optimization, Site Operations, Upselling.

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Online shoppers can’t feel fabrics or interact with a sales associate directly. That’s why online merchandising is so important. Creating visually impactful experiences and thoughtfully expressing your products empowers the customer connect with and understand what you’re selling. I led the eCommerce Merchandising Team at Outdoor Voices, creating a best-in-class digital experiences that grew the online business by +120% YOY.

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Site Navigation

Think of your website like a brick and mortar. The front door should be clearly indicated and inviting. As customers move throughout your store, they should be able to easily locate what they’re looking for. Navigating your online store should be a seamless experience. I oversaw site navigation at Outdoor Voices, overhauling the existing site navigation to better express the product line and brand identity.

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Product Detail Pages

Your PDP is critical to online conversion for your business. Most often positioned at the end of the customer journey, it’s your final opportunity to communicate the key “reasons to buy” your product. Copy alone may not compelling enough to result in conversion. I informed several extensive PDP updates at Outdoor Voices, including this module that showcases important design details predominantly through images versus copy.

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Reducing “dead end experiences” is central to my merchandising philosophy. I spearheaded several initiatives to upsell products and increase AOV and UPT during my time at Outdoor Voices. I launched Shop The Look, an unprecedented outfitting tool, and implemented product recommendations across the site, increasing conversion by 12% on average.

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Mobile vs Desktop

Optimizing your website to perform across both mobile and desktop is key to your business’ success. Gone are the days when the majority of traffic was generated through desktop. In fact, most eCommerce sites now generate more traffic from mobile. While at Outdoor Voices, I consistently optimized site performance across mobile and desktop, crafting strategies unique to each device.